'Good Grief' 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, on December 31st, 2010, we released our first album, Good Grief. We are still proud of that accomplishment, the music it contains, and the artwork it features. The cover art was made by Robert Trudeau, a…

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Live at minicine? in downtown Shreveport, Sat. 6/16/12, 7PM

 Romulus Remus will be performing this weekend at minicine?, located in downtown Shreveport at 846 Texas Ave., this Saturday June 16th at 7:30PM. We'll be performing along with American Wilderness, Chairs (Houston, TX), and RiverWolves. The gallery will feature the…Read more

RR music video in the works

This past weekend, we filmed a music video downtown for a single to be released in the next few days (fingers crossed!). Major thanks to Chris Alexander (Mr. Christopher), Jeremy Jones, and Clay Murry!

In the meantime

About to release some songs that were recorded after Good Grief to tide you over until the new album is finished. Look for them in a week or so...

Recording New Music...

We recently recorded some new material at Foxtrot Studios for our upcoming EPs Blue Sucker and A Sound Digression, and the rough tracks are full of the raw energy and grit that comes from a truly live session. All…Read more